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MTK Driver v5.1453

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MTK Driver v5.1453 allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet, and other MediaTek devices to a Windows computer without installing a separate PC Suite application.

In addition, this driver can be helpful if you try connecting your MediaTek devices to the computer to transfer or sync data between the device and the Windows computer.

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MTK Driver v5.1453 for Windows

The MTK Driver v5.1453 enables the connection of your smartphone or tablet to a Windows computer, facilitating data transfer between the two devices. It also supports data synchronization, allowing you to back up and restore data on the device from the computer.

There may be various situations where it is necessary to install the MediaTek driver to establish a connection between a device and a computer. Such situations may include:

  1. Transferring data between the device and the computer in either direction.
  2. Freeing up space on the device.
  3. Installing the stock firmware (operating system) on the device.
  4. Writing/flashing the IMEI number on the device.

Download MTK Driver v5.1453

Name MTK Driver v5.1453
Type USB Driver for MediaTek Phones
Developer MediaTek, Inc.
File Name
File Size 9.30 MB
Version 5.1453
Supports Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTK Driver v5.1453?

MTK Driver, also known as MediaTek USB VCOM Driver, enables the communication between a computer and devices that use MediaTek chipsets. Manufacturers commonly use MediaTek chipsets in electronic devices, particularly Android smartphones and tablets.

How do I install the MTK Driver v5.1453?

The MTK Driver v5.1453 can be installed by downloading the .exe file and running it on the computer. The installation process is similar to that of a standard Windows application. Instructions on properly installing the drivers can be found on the How to install the MTK Driver page.

Is MTK Driver v5.1453 Free?

Yes, the MTK Driver v5.1453 is free as the MediaTek community officially releases it for MediaTek Mobile users.

Is MTK Driver v5.1453 Safe?

Yes, the MTK Driver v5.1453 is safe for computers, laptops, and MediaTek devices. Additionally, as the MediaTek community officially releases it, it is guaranteed to be secure for use on the computer.

Does MTK Driver v5.1453 support SP Flash Tool?

Yes, MTK Driver v5.1453 supports SP Flash Tool, a popular flashing tool used to flash firmware, custom recovery, and other software onto Android devices that use MediaTek chipsets.

Does MTK Driver v5.1453 support IMEI Write Tools?

Yes, MTK Driver v5.1453 supports IMEI Write Tools such as MauiMeta and ModemMeta, which are used to write IMEI numbers onto Android smartphones and tablets that use MediaTek chipsets. is not affiliated or endorsed by MediaTek, Inc | Hosted on Hostinger, CDN by BunnyCDN

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